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IMPACT, as a defensive system, is a combative art, to incorporate only that, which is practical and effective to even a lesser experienced person.

It has long been a valid point of discussion that entities such as military and more so policing organizations do not have the time to train their personnel to become fluent in technically difficult techniques, which are indisputably effective at the professional's skill level.

We teach the following disciplines:

Tactical firearms training

Close quarter combat

Knife fighting skills

Hand-to-hand combat

Wilderness survival

Arrest and restrain techniques

Farm and home protection

We also specialize in the gap between hand -to-hand skills and use of any weapon.


IMPACT the art (Improvised Accelerated Combat Training )


The skills taught are principle based. So the application thereof is not restricted to a fixed routine of movements.

No conflict is choreographed, thus seldom does the encounter take any pre-planned path, for any duration of time.


The methodology of the training is to give the student the skills/techniques in principle format and then to begin applying them in an environment of progressive resistance.


In the security environment the aggressor dictates the officials' response, and since the force level must be appropriate to the threat, the official needs to be taught how to deal with confrontation from basic control and restraining of suspects to the official fighting for his/her life.

The official can be taught how to recognize the danger signs and to respond to them in a suitable way, with effective techniques but not an over kill for the situation. If the struggle escalates, the severity of the force of the officials can also be escalated to enforce control of the aggressor(s).

A weapon, which many fail to recognize and which can be especially effective within this realm, is self-confidence.

This comes about when the official knows he/she has the ability to handle the situation and can thus prevent conflict if the aggressor submits through caution/fear of what could happen.


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